Day One

9:15 – 10:00 Registration

10:00-10:50 Battle of the giants: how Sky is responding to changes in the world of content and SVoD

There has been a lot of debate around the impact of OTT on content financing and distribution. How does one of the biggest pay TV players see the future content landscape? Is this a zero-sum game or is it really the more, the merrier?

CHAIR: Chris Curtis, Editor, Broadcast

Gary Davey
Managing Director, Content

10:50-11:45 Fit for the future: what does a 21st century production company look like?

The Role of the super indie and how production assets are best allocated and managed to create a strong creative line-up and a strong bottom line.

CHAIR: Chris Curtis, Editor, Broadcast

Richard Johnston
Endemol Shine UK

Jane Turton

Claire Hungate
Warner Bros TV Production UK

Michael Edelstein
NBCUniversal International Studios

11:45-12:05 Break

12:05 – 12:45 Out of the box thinking: building a global content business in music and entertainment

Music and entertainment video platform Vevo is using data and a multi-platform strategy to attract Millennials in ways that MTV would never have thought of. By distributing premieres, archive and original content globally, Vevo delivers over 21 billion views a month and in the UK reaches more than a third of young adults. With ambitions to blend big data and real people to bring artists and fans together, Vevo is inventing the next generation of video services.

CHAIR: Kate Bulkley, Media commentator

Jon Gisby
Head of Europe

12:45-13:45 Lunch

13:45-14:15 Kid’s Stuff: how Mattel is creating a global kids content company

Mattel is responsible for creating content and interactive experiences that are more than just advertising. Kids are a driving force for change in how content is consumed and created. Mattel is actively redefining its relationship with its audience with a focus on participatory content. Mattel bought Bob the Builder-producer Hit Entertainment and is re-thinking how toys and content work together in new ways.

CHAIR: Kate Bulkley, Media commentator

Rob Hudnut
Executive Producer & VP

14:15-14:55 Generation Z: the rules of engagement

Whether you call them Generation Z, Post-Millennials or the iGeneration, this sector is one of the most sought-after by brands across the globe. But who are they, what appeals to them and how do you engage an audience that has so much content choice and so little time for advertising? What does Generation Z mean for the worlds of media and marketing?

CHAIR: Conor Dignam, Chief Executive, Media Business Insight

Guy Bisson
Research Director
Ampere Analysis

Laura Jordan Bambach
Mr President

Richard Chambers
Zoomin Studios

14:55-15:15 Break

15:15-16:05 BBC Worldwide Update: Tim Davie In Conversation

As the appetite for premium content grows with the explosion of platforms how is the BBC navigating
the commercial waters?

CHAIR: Kate Bulkley, Media commentator

Tim Davie
Chief Executive Officer
BBC Worldwide

16:05-16:45 Can a robot win a BAFTA?

How far can data take you toward creativity?  How far are we from using data to make a programme? Is automating creativity the future or the end of the world?

CHAIR: Kate Bulkley, Media commentator

Greg Detre
Chief Data Scientist
Channel 4

David Flynn
Youngest Media

Networking Drinks

Day Two

8:30 Registration

09:45:10:40 What’s next for ITV?

CEO of ITV, Adam Crozier discusses the future of advertising supported broadcasting, the importance of building an owned and operated studio business and how on-demand viewing is no longer a nice thing to have, but a critical part of the brand and bottom line strategy.

CHAIR: Kate Bulkley, Media commentator

Adam Crozier
Chief Executive Officer

10:40-11:30 The rise of direct to consumer: The next generation of Netflix rivals

A panel of visionaries discuss how on demand and SVoD services fit into the content owner’s toolbox?

CHAIR: Kate Bulkley, Media commentator

Ralph Rivera
Managing Director
Eurosport Digital

Hendrik McDermott
SVP, Branded On Demand
NBCUniversal International

Efe Cakarel

11:30 – 11:50 Break

11:50-12:40 Beyond the tube: picking the right platforms

How do digital natives and aspiring digital natives see the options for their content. What is the right platform at the right time for your content, both reputationally and financially? Is it YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram? What about owned, operated and branded platforms and what is the right answer?

Paolo Nieddu
Global Head of Strategy

Aksel van der Wal
EVP Digital Ventures & Innovation International

Zachary Slatter
Head of European Partnerships and Distribution
Awesomeness TV

Wim Ponnet
Group Director Strategy and Commercial Development
Endemol Shine Group

12:40-13:35 Lunch

13:35-14:15 Netflix vs. Amazon: the evolving content strategy


CHAIR: Kate Bulkley, Media commentator

Guy Bisson
Research Director
Ampere Analysis

14:15-15:10 Broadcasting in the 21st Century – Future proofing your broadcasting business

How do you straddle both pay TV and free to air TV in a digital world? What role does developing your own content franchises and distribution pipelines play in safeguarding your future? Is scale the thing that will save you?

CHAIR: Chris Curtis, Editor, Broadcast

Susanna Dinnage
President & MD
Discovery Networks UK & Ireland

David Abraham
Channel 4

David Lynn
President & CEO
Viacom International Media Networks

Darren Childs

15:10 – 15:30 Break

15:30-16:15 Branded content takes on a new life

Our panel of experts will explore how branded content is becoming an increasingly important area for brands and businesses and will outline their views of the way in which the space is set to evolve.

CHAIR: Fabian Birgfeld,Founder and Director, W12 Studios

CHAIR: Fabian Birgfeld
W12 Studios

Rob Newlan
EMEA Regional Director
Creative Shop, Facebook

Abi Pearl
Head of Advertising

Nick Chapin
General Manager of VIRTUE
Commercial Creative Division of VICE

Mailine Swildens

16:15-17:00 Does VR have a clear vision?

Virtual reality content is figuring heavily in content produced for online platforms and companies like Samsung believe that immersive content is a key pillar of future consumption. The appetite for VR content is creating opportunities for producers as brands, agencies and publishing businesses in particular look to capitalize on the burgeoning new immersive digital media i.e. 360 video now available on Facebook and YouTube. Beginning with a VR showcase, this session looks at both the supply and the demand side of VR content.

CHAIR: John Cassy
Chief Executive
Factory 42

Sol Rogers
Founder and CEO

Marvyn Harrison
Content and Services Manager

Damian Collier
Blend Media

Networking Drinks